Día de La Independencia

postcard Dia de La Independencia

Description: Rainy and Sunny Afternoon, 1911 Mexico Independence Day in Hidalgo, Guanajuato.

Oil on canvas 36″X48″

As much anticipated, this painting was my most successful as people stopped by to view it for moments at a time at this past weekend’s October 10th & 11th Exhibition through Nomad Artists – ArtSpan at UCSF Mission Center located at 1855 Folsom Street, San Francisco California.


Published by Johnny Moreno

Video Producer, Filmmaker, Director, Writer, Photographer, and Painter...a little of everything from life experience, professionalism, and the creative shaping of media and information.

2 thoughts on “PORTFOLIO

  1. The portrait has a lot more depth since I saw it last Johnny. I love the yellow sun glow (almost like radiation) casting on some hats and not others. I think the yellow expresses a sense of vulnerability or over-exposure like the unpleasant sight of a picture negative. If I was in the crowd, I would love to be standing under the blue umbrellas since this color expresses safety and calm. Love it!

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